I am not a finance major, can I still join?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves as an interdisciplinary group of students, collectively drawn together from vastly diverse backgrounds. Our members have backgrounds in finance, operations and information management, accounting, engineering, psychology, computer science, Russian, history, economics, and other disciplines. 

I am a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior... am I eligible to join?

Of course. If you're a Freshman, we commend your initiative to get involved and are excited to have you on board. If you're a Senior, we welcome you and your extra years of experience. As long as you're curious and willing to learn and engage, we want you on board.  

I don't know anything about Finance, can I still join?

Yes. We have all been there, so we understand what its like to be totally lost and not understand financial jargon. Our executive team is willing to help you get on pace to engage in rewarding ways as quickly as possible. Our meetings are accommodating to our members' needs and interests. We are big believers in making time for Socratic-style discussions where ideas flow freely and dynamic discussion thrives so that everyone's questions can be addressed as they arise. If you're interested in learning more in your own time, our team can recommend ways to compliment your knowledge. After our meeting, the leadership will be around to answer any further questions you may have then.