This ministry and community begins with welcome. At it's core this is a group committed to being a group for all. God has called us to welcome people of every color and culture, every sexual orientation and gender identity, people filled with faith and doubt. Please be welcome in this place to celebrate and sorrow, rejoice and recover. Be welcome. 

Bread + Belonging | Tues | @6.00pm
The main thing we do together is eat. Each Tuesday night at 6.00pm we gather for a community meal and conversation at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church on Colorado Ave, just across from the Engineering Center. Our big theological idea is that we all belong together, regardless of what we think or believe. There's no better way than to live into that by sharing a meal together.

El Camino Colorado | our mentor project
Each year we pair two students with two non-student mentors. They meet monthly for information conversation where with support from Career Services at CU-Boulder, they work to help the student imagine the future to which God is calling them. Through ECC we also offer a fall discernment retreat, spring on campus event, and an alternative spring break trip. Learn more here.

Night Church | Sun | @6.00pm
Night Church is a service pulled together from the Episcopal and Lutheran traditions. It's simple, contemplative Eucharist that trends younger with undergrads, grads, and young adults. It happens on Sunday evenings at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church.

C4C Lunch in the C4C | Wed | 11.30am-1pm
Again, we eat together...a lot. Join the group for informal lunch each week in the Colorado Room of the Center for Community.


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