El Camino Colorado
Mentor Program
Each year we place two student into a group with two non-students who are engaged in a career/field of interest to the student. Throughout the year the mentor and student meet monthly on their own to build a relationship and help students discern the career/major to which God might be calling them. Once a month our Tuesday night conversation at Bread+Belonging focuses on helping students imagine lives and careers of meaning. Email Pastor Zach (lcmpastor@colorado.edu) if you'd like to participate as a student or  a mentor.

What are you doing with your life...and why?
El Camino Colorado Mentor Training Event
Mon, Sept 11, 2017 | 6pm | St. Aidan's Episcopal Church

This will be the fourth year of the mentor program. We've really started to figure some stuff out. We'll equip potential mentors with the insights we've gained, provide some practical information about the program, and we'll hear from some of our seasoned mentor veterans of El Camino. Email Megan Sawyer (lcmprogramassistant@gmail.com) to RSVP. There will be food!

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Amy Mundinger - Textile Artist