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The Korean American Students at Boulder (KASB) was established in 2002 by a group of students who wanted to promote awareness of the Korean American culture and identity. KASB aims to provide a network as well as support for all the students through community and social activities. All members and non-members are encouraged to take part in any of the events that are hosted by KASB.


Article I
Purpose of the organization

The main purpose of this organization is to introduce the Korean Culture to the University of Colorado at Boulder, and to help establish an understanding of the diversity between both American and Korean cultures.

Article II

Section A.
A meeting is valid if a quorum, plus one-half of the executive officers are present.

Section B.
A quorum is defined as one-half of all the active group membership.

Article III
Membership and Voting

Section A.

Eligibility--all students are eligible for group membership regardless of their age, sex, race, handicap or religion.

Definition of member
I. To be an active general member, a person should attend at least one general meeting a month. And in order to be an executive member, the person should attend at least two meetings a month--which includes one general meeting and one executive meeting.

II. To be a non-active general membership applies to a person attends at least one general meeting, but not regularly as active general member.

Section B.

Voting on any issue is official only if the meeting is valid. All active and non-active members have one vote on a given issue (e.g. officers cannot be given extra weight for their vote). All members have to attend KASB meeting at least once before they are given privilege to vote. Procedure Voting will be done by either open hand or by close ballot. A decision will be reached by the majority vote on a particular issue or issues being raised in the meeting.

Article IV
Officers and Qualifications

Section A.
The Executive branch consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The officers shall operate for the common good of the KASB. The following are the official titles for the executive committee, but these descriptions shall be only a general guideline.

     a. President:
           a. Presides at organization meetings.
           b. Facilitates executive board meetings.
           c. Represents the organization to the institution.
           d. Assist all executive officers
           e. Serve as spokesperson for the executive board and organization.
           f. Provide motivation for the organization.
           g. Prepare for all meetings.
           h. Provide a follow-up to organizational tasks.
     b. Vice President:
           a. Preside at organization meetings in the absence of the president.
           b. Serve as liason to Committees.
           c. Perform other duties as directed by the president.
     c. Secretary
           a. Record and maintain minutes of all organization meetings.
           b. Send minutes to all appropriate members and organizations.
           c. Prepare an agenda with the President for meetings
           d. Keep the organization informed.
           e. Maintain a calendar of events.
           f. Perform all duties as assigned by the president.
     d. Treasurer
           a. Prepare the organizational budget with the Advisor.
           b. Serve as chair of finance/fundraising committee.
           c. Keep track of receipts, reimbursements forms, supply requests, etc.
           d. Maintain a financial history of the organization.
           e. Inform the executive board of all financial matters.
           f. Perform other duties as assigned by the president.
     e. Activities Chair
           a. Responsible for preparing activities for each general meetings (ie. Icebreakers).
           b. Responsible for community service events
           c. Perform other duties as assigned by the president.
     f. Sponsorship Chair
           a. Serve as co-chair of fundraising committee.
           b. Maintains relations with community and local sponsors.
           c. Perform other duties as assigned by the president.
     g. Special Events Coordinator
           a. Coordinates big projects, including volleyball tournaments, culture night, etc.
           b. Create program calendar with other committee chairs.
           c. Creates deadlines for each preparation for special events.
           d. Performs other duties as assigned by the president.
     h. LINK Coordinator
           a. Serves as liaison to the national chapter of LiNK.
           b. Prepares presentations on current events on North Korea to the general meetings.
           c. Perform other duties as assigned by the president.
     i. Historian
           a. Present at all events.
           b. Shall document all events and activities by pictures and/or videos.
           c. Shall work in close ties with the webmaster.
           d. Perform other duties as assigned by the president.
     j. Webmaster
           a. Create and maintain organizationís webpage.
           b. Perform other duties as assigned by the president.

Section B.
Nominations and Election

A member of the organization may run for office through nomination, either by a member or him/herself. Election of officers shall be by majority vote. In the event that no candidate has a majority, a second ballot will be held in which the two candidates with the most votes run against one another. In the event that an office is vacant, a new election shall be held for the post at the next valid meeting with the above voting provisions applicable.

Section C.
Impeachments and Resignations

A vote of no confidence can be decided for any officer who does not seem to be capable to hold their position responsibility. It must be given one official meeting's notice (executive or general). A vote of no confidence shall be defined as a 2/3 affirmative vote of members present at a valid meeting, where any member may call for a vote of no confidence. At an official meeting following an impeachment or resignation, the position is to be filled in accordance with the specifications under Article IV, Section B.

Article V

Section A.
KASB members shall receive priority at KASB funded events.

Section B.
Funding shall come from fund-raising activities and other university organizations.

Section C.
The Treasurer shall report all of source and use of its fund at the end of semester at the general meeting.

Article VI

Section A.
Adoption and ratification of amendments to this constitution shall follow the same procedure as adaption of the entire constitution.

Section B.
The constitution may be ratified upon a 2/3 vote.

Section C.
This constitution should not conflict with the Students' Union constitution or by-laws.

Article VII

Section A.
Provision for adoption of by-laws are to be listed in this constitution.

Section B.
At least a majority of the membership must approve the by-laws.

Section C.
By-laws should not conflict with this constitution or the Student Unionís constitution or by-laws. If conflict occurs, the by-law(s) in question shall be deemed void.

Article VIII
Hazing Policy

The harassment of one individual by another individual or group (sometimes called hazing) is not permitted by KASB. Behavior prohibited under this rule includes actions threatening substantial risk of physical or mental injury; actions exposing the individual to distressing, repulsive, or alarming situations or sensations; forced consumption of alcohol or drugs; actions in the form of social pressure which might cause harm to an individual in any way.

Article IX
Discrimination Policy

The KASB of the University of Colorado at Boulder does not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals on the bias of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, handicap, or religious, political, or ideological views or affiliation.

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