CUFST - University of Colorado Freestyle Ski Team

The University of Colorado (CU) Freeride / Freestyle Ski Team is an organization with emphasis on preparation for greatness. Our ideology is to foster the excellence of C.U. skiers while at the same time nourishing and expanding each individual's love of skiing. We enable college students to pursue their skiing goals, whether they include a competitive career in the available realm of events, advancing within the industry by going pro or simply reaching their skiing potential.The CU Freeride Ski Team provides superlative coaching, excellent training, and a supportive environment unlike any other program. Jib. Jibbing. Jib Ski. Freeride Skiing. Freestyle Skiing. Terrain Park. Halfpipe. Newschool. Quarterpipe. Colorado Ski. Colorado Skiing. Boulder Freeride. Boulder Freestyle. Boulder Skiing. Twin Tip Skiing. Grom. Grom Skier. Newschool Skiing. Newschool Ski.