Fundraising is the most important aspect at helping keep this team competitive. Money fundraised and donated goes to coaching, equipment, field time, umpires, traveling, tournament fees, etc. In order to keep the cost low for players, everyone on the team is required to contribute to fundraising. We fundraise throughout the season and the offseason. Types of activities that each player is required to participate in include:

1) Beg letters to family, friends, and local organiations

2) Gain proceeds from restaurants such as Half Fast Subs and Daphnes California Greek

3) Demos on Pearl Street

4) Bake Sales

5) Other CU and community events the team can support

**And don't forget to support Club Sports when registering for classes**

This year we hosted the first annual Skirt Scurry 5k at CU South Campus.  The race was a huge success and we could not have done it withouth the help of our generous donors, check it out! Come back next year for a bigger and better event!

If you came out to the race this year and have any feedback, please let us know!



Thank you to everyone who donated through beg letters this season, we appreciate your generosity!