The Festival Committee Members


Positions Names


Amarjit Singh (India)


Henry Fouad Hamamji (Lebanon)

Graphic Designers

Lead: Eiji Ozasa (Japan)


Hladini Mensa-Dzomley (USA)


Rebecca Cynthia (Australia)


Andrea Santanach


Dina Alkhadhra

Festival Photographer and Videographer

Johannes Trabold


Eiji Ozasa


Amarjit Singh

Food Coordinator and Committee

Lead: Peter Roberts(UK)


Krista House (USA)

Program Coordinator and Committee

Lead:Natalia Marroquin(El Salvador)


Lead:Mario Perez (El Salvador)


Emillie Magdalinski (France)


Mathilde Berbinan (France)


Lisa Minoura (Japan)


Nagisa Inoue (Japan)


Saori Koyama (Japan)


Eriko Murakami (Japan)


Yusuf Pathan (India)


Sloan Silverman (USA)


Ayaka Shimizu (Japan)


Debashish Dash (India)

Ravi Guthikonda (India)

Webmaster and Email Coordinator

Eiji Ozasa (Japan)

Fundraising Coordinator and Committee

Laura Schoenfeid (USA)


Kate Hamerstadt (USA)


Joe Trabold (Germany)


Ralph Kassouf (Lebanon)


Mahir Haque(Australia)

Committee Advisor

Rebacca Sibley


Gary Loh (Malaysia)


Reginald Perryman(USA)


Emma Rafaelof(USA)


Thanks to all the committee members that made this international festival come true! It is really a wonderful opportunity the share one's culture with the rest of the world. On the day of the festival we'll be wearing our festival staff t-shirts. So we're easy to find. If you have any questions, feel free to approach us and ask any question. We're there for you!  

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the International Festival!

International Student and Scholar Services University of Colorado at Boulder


WEB: http://www.colorado.edu/oie/isss