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CU 2012 International Festival, Glenn Miller UMC Ballroom
Saturday, April 14th 2012, starting 4pm
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Get a booth and join the International Festival 2012

Dear Student Groups:

Join us! Come participate in the biggest international student event in CU-Boulder for free! It is "The International Festival". Present your culture to the Boulder community and let them experience the rich tradition and heritage that you are a part of. The response in the past has been overwhelming. Approximately 4000 people attended the International Festival in 2011.

Who can get a booth at the CU International Festival?

The mission of the CU International Festival is "to promote and celebrate diversity among students and community members, to provide a platform for international student groups to represent their culture and to encourage a rediscovery of international students' own background". Thus, any student or community group which represents a nation/culture specific to a region of the world is welcome to join the International Festival. The Festival is a not intended to be a profit-making activity.

How do I apply for a booth or to perform at the International Festival 2012?

Read and sign "The Policy" and "The Booth and Performance Application" and "The Food Application" , fill out the necessary forms and drop a copy of them at the ISSS. See "The Cover Letter" for details. Please drop off your signed and completed application at ISSS (Center for Community (C4C), Suite S355). The full application packet can be downloaded here: Application Packet.


CU 2012 International Festival
Saturday, April 14th 2012, 4pm to 10pm
Glenn Miller UMC Ballroom
Questions? Please Contact:
  • Tom O'Neill - reasonet@colorado.edu (Peformances)
  • Kayla Thompson - Kayla.M.Thompson@Colorado.edu (Booths)

The International Festival is:
  • A one day event
  • Free and open to the public (no cover, etc.)
  • For students, faculty, staff and community members
  • A platform, where you can present your nation/culture with a booth, food, performances and cultural activities.
Benefits for you:
  • CU students, faculty, staff, and the Boulder community - they will all be there, curious to learn more about your culture!!!
  • So be sure to grab this chance to publicize your student group and your culture.
The mission of the festival is:
  • To promote and celebrate diversity among students and community members.
  • To provide a platform for international student groups to present their culture.
  • To encourage a rediscovery of international students' own background.