We are dedicated to having fun, making the planet a better place, and supporting the Environmental Studies major at CU Boulder. This happens by you and for you, so stop by and get involved!

A letter from the Chairman:

Aloha, ENVS Club,

It’s official! We are now the second largest major on campus with 900 undergraduates! Our program has grown incredibly fast, and the trend seems to be continuing. I see this as a testament to those who came before us.

It was the students who demanded this major, and it has been the students that have driven it to success! The professors of this fine institution deserve our thanks as well. Without their support, none of this could have been possible. And, it is they who have made this program one of the best in the World!

Even with this success; there is much to be done in moving this program towards an even brighter future; this program should be a department; this program should be heavily invested in, in order to keep it competitive with other programs around the country; and this program should be given the recognition it deserves by allowing it to govern itself more freely.

Our world, and especially our field, are changing so rapidly that there should be very few barriers in making this program what it needs to be. I implore you, the students, to join us in breaking those barriers, and making this program everything it should be. The more of us that join together, the more power we will have to make change happen!