Art, music, film, athletes, clothing; Volcom Stone is a lifestyle brand that incorporates and exudes creativity through multiple outlets. After Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall rode Tahoe powder for the first time and realized they weren’t going to be able to go back to their day jobs, the two Californians quit their jobs and began making clothing inspired by surfing, skateboarding, and of course snowboarding. The Volcom name was born and the Volcom Stone was soon to follow.

Richard and Tucker knew nothing about making clothing, but the dream was driven by creativity and spirit. Headquartered in Newport in Richard’s bedroom, and with the sales office out of Tucker’s bedroom in Huntington, the Volcom company managed to do $2,600 in sales their first year. Today Volcom sells everything from Volcom Wallets to Volcom jackets, and even the Volcom Blazer, for those special occasions.

Charged with the anti-establishment feel of the early 90’s and fueled by the music of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, the Volcom company began to grow internationally, but always maintained the counter culture expression sessions of snowboarding, surfing, and skating. Now Volcom sunglasses are a common occurrence at the summer snowboard sessions at Timberline, and the crowd at the X-Games will forever be peppered by Volcom tee-shirts. Volcom continues to perpetuate their artist inspired beginnings in their snowboard jackets, board shorts, and hoodies.

The Volcom name is proudly represented by athletes like Bruce Irons, Geoff Rowley, and Bjorn Leines. The Volcom Skate Park is Costa Mesa is a symbol of the success of the Volcom company, and the Volcom House on the North Shore is constantly alive with vibrant representation of the Volcom lifestyle.

On Thursday February 8, 2007 Volcom purchased the former residence of legendary surfers Gerry Lopez and Herbie Fletcher on Oahu’s North Shore. Positioned directly in front of the world renowned surf break, Pipeline; Volcom athletes enjoy the unique advantage of paddling out into epic surf all winter long. The original Volcom House acts as a training ground for many up and coming Volcom Team riders.

Volcom personifies the individual; reflected in every artistic infused pair of flip flops, snowboard pants, boardshorts, or rash guard.