North Face - A Company for the Outdoor Explorer

In the world of outdoor and extreme sports the name of the manufacturer, North Face is nothing new. This company brings the tools and equipment needed to the extreme outdoor adventurer. This involves a great deal of North Face clothing to keep people protected from the elements of the extreme cold. These are available on their website and at numerous retailers across the country as well as the internet. Whether visiting their store or outlet locations it is possible to find a sale going on that features any number of their products. This includes items such as hiking boots to keep feet protected and long underwear to keep the rest of them warm.

There are a variety of items that are featured on the North Face website. These include, but are not limited to Apex Bionic jacket made out of fleece and Venture fleece clothing. Venture includes items from ski jackets to ski pants. Osito refers to two different types of women’s jackets that come in a multitude of colors. Vests and jackets are offered for men, women and children in the Khumbu line. The Redpoint line is available for men and women in the form of jackets and vests in base colors of black, red, or white. 

A North Face Denali fleece jacket comes in all sizes, is available in a multitude of colors and comes with or without a hood attached. For those not into skiing on two skis, there is a snowboard coat available in fleece as well as triclimate fabric. Another line to choose from includes the Nuptse Down Jacket which even comes in infant sizes. The Gotham Jacket is for men and boys and comes with a hood attached. The Mountain Light Jacket is a type of windbreaker but for a little colder weather. Resolve is a jacket for most ages that is considered waterproof.

Snowboarders can find snowboard jackets at North Face, as well as snowboard pants. To keep feet protected, North Face features Chilkats snow boots. Their selection of outdoor equipment does not stop there. They offer the full package. This includes a sleeping bag to stay warm during the night. In order to go hiking, they know that special backpacks are needed. This is where the Base Camp duffel comes into play. This bag is made from a laminate material that resists the outdoor elements that would destroy it. It is made in several different sizes to meet the variety of needs from their customers.