Patagonia – Simple Starts do Great Things

Many think of Patagonia products as the great ski pants or snowboard jackets that they have grown to love.  Patagonia actually had its start as a climbing gear line put together by a man named Yvon Chouinard in the 1960’s.  He set out to create climbing gear that could be used by any climber and became so successful he could not keep up with the orders.  From there came the products you know now such as the very popular super sporty ski jackets to the warm and comfortable underwear.  These products have become known for high quality and diversity.

Patagonia clothing such as the R4 jacket, created from a high warmth fleece which is light weight and easy to care for, are known for the highest of quality materials.  Clothing such as shorts and a large variety of shirts are all sporty looking but have a underlying purpose in some way for the outdoor men’s and women’s benefit.  They are structured to help the avid sportsperson reap the benefits of their adventure.  This is one of the reasons these products have become so popular for individuals throughout the United States.  Intended to keep the customers on the trails and discovering as much of the world as possible, Patagonia has grown astronomically in its time.

Patagonia is very proud of the Capilene products specifically set up to allow for moisture control, and protection at its best.  These base layer products come in a variety of styles and colors and allow the outdoor sportsman the protection needed in any weather along with the ability to keep the individual dry.  This lends to the ultimate adventure on the mountainside or trail. Patagonia has even ventured so far as to create a line of sports bra for women who need reliable support and protection when they are catching all the adventure the world has to offer. 

Men and women can find a great variety of shoes from Patagonia ranging from strapless sandals to sporty boots.  These shoes combined with items like the Dimension Jacket, the all purpose jacket offering simple style and comfort, continues to keep Patagonia in the front running for products of this nature.  This popularity causes individuals to take full advantage of any sale they might come across in many of the stores particularly those outlet opportunities.  The products are well made and with excellent functionality that seems to make them one of the most popular on the market.