Carhartt – Built on Honesty and Integrity

Founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt, Carhartt quickly became the leader in work wear from working men of the railway to individuals working in construction.  The products created by Hamilton Carhartt where intended to be long wearing, sturdy items like the coveralls worn by railway workers and provide warmth and protection like the lined jeans worn by many today working in the cold temperatures of the northern states.  Carhartt believed that he would win over the hard working individuals by providing them quality products from an honest manufacturer that maintained an honest working relationship with its employees.

Many of the products manufactured by Carhartt are of denim fabric, a popular fabric for individuals in the manual labor businesses.  These items include such things as double front jeans.  These are worn by individuals all over the country who are exposed to rough work that would normally wear through a pair of jeans in no time.  Items like this offer individuals a high quality, well made product for their hard earned money.  These jeans come in both women’s styles and men’s styles.  They are not just created for the men of the house any longer.  Carhartt has made it a point to include the hard working women of the United States and Europe.

Carhartt pants are just one of the many products available by Carhartt.  They offer products such as the winter coat which is created exclusively to allow the hard working individual with a great deal of outdoor exposure the highest level of protection from the elements while getting their job done.  The Carhartt coat is one of the most popular coats on the market for individuals who work outside as well as anyone who wants to show off high quality.  They offer both the hooded and the standard jacket.  These products combined with items such as coveralls make them tops in their market.

Carhartt clothing, ranging from the duck bib overalls to the denim bib overalls, can be found at a number of excellent outlet locations.  You can even find Carhartt work boots at many of these outlets at excellent prices.  The products produced by Carhartt are well worth the money and have a long life span compared to most items worn by individuals who work and play hard.  It is no wonder that the brand has become synonymous with the hard working, family valued individuals all over the United States and now Europe.