Get to know the team! Here you will find the bios of several team members who specialize in various fields of rocketry and engineering. Feel free to reach out to them with questions and comments, or if you share any interests with them!


Jordan Gage

Responsible for ensuring the various CU SRL teams get the necessary parts to allow them to continue to push the limits while ensuring that SRL maintains the funds necessary to avoid stagnation. I am also the current propellant development team lead, I was previously the lead of the team that made CU SRL's current lauch tower, and I work to maintain large scale launch and testing hardware.

Nicholas Boender

Two-Stage Project Lead
Hello my name is Nicholas Boender and I have been a member of CU SRL for the last 2 1/2 years. Besides leading the two stage project on SRL I have also been involved with research on campus in the bioastronautics department.

Anna Christiansen

Project Lead
My name is Anna, and I'm one of the Team Captains of SRL. Cam and I work closely to supervise the club's high-level operations as SRL works to develop cutting-edge rocketry technologies. I'm currently directing manufacturing operations for structural components of Spaceshot, including thermal protection system development, nose cone manufacturing, and structural vehicle integration. No matter your level of experience, we're always looking for new ideas! If you have any...

Ethan Fleer

Business Lead
I am a junior pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering. The business team pursues sponsorship opportunities from corporate entities, grant proposals, and community outreach and ensures that CU SRL has enough money to operate.

Lyon Foster

Avionics Lead
My name is Lyon, I'm a sophmore in aerospace, and I love rockets. I'm currently interested in GNC, state estimation, and aerospace applications for software development and electrical engineering. I've also been working a lot on the liquid engine program, and this summer I'll have the opportunity to further my professional delevopment as a propulsion intern at Masten Space Systems.

Cameron Humphreys

Project Lead
Hello! My name is Cam and I am one of the project leads at CU SRL. We are rapidly becoming one of the most advanced collegiate rocketry teams in the nation, pioneering rapid production of composite flight hardware. I oversee development and manufacturing of our composite motor cases, nose cones, fins, and airframes. If you are interested in rockets of any type and how they are made you've come to...

Patrick Riley

Liquid Engine Project Lead
Hi! My name is Patrick. I am the liquid propulsion team lead. On this team, I am responsible for leading the design and construction of CU’s first liquid rocket engine. Furthermore, as a former team lead and active member of the propellant development team, I have extensive experience in solid rocket propellant and design.

Colin Ruark

Propellant Mixing Expert
Hello! My name is Colin Ruark and I am a Junior in the Aerospace Engineering program. I am the primary source for all propellant manufacturing know-how and guidance. If you want to learn about the why or how of anything involving our composite propellant please feel free to contact me. I joined this organization my freshman year and it has allowed me to expand my knowledge and experience significantly. It...