Welcome! We are the CU Sounding Rocket Laboratory, the University of Colorado at Boulder's rocketry deveopment and launch program, providing engineering experience and launch capabilities. We are a student operated group under the department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, and are independently funded through the Engineering Excellence Fund and corporate and individual sponsorships. We have been active since 2014 under the name COBRA Rocketry, but recently re-invented ourselves as the CU Sounding Rocket Lab. We are now undertaking many technical projects, including work involving custom avionics, advanced composites, hypersonics and simulations, to name a few. To learn more about our program, visit the Projects page. To get involved, you can join our slack channel at CU-SRL.Slack.com, or email COBRA@Colorado.Edu.


Above: A render of our custom avionics board, complete with high-rate downlink capability.


Above: Our custom 4' composite rocket motor. Made from automatically-wound carbon fiber on our Fiber Winder, no other university has ever made a single-piece composite rocket motor.


Above: The team at an all-hands meeting in February 2020.