What kinds of projects can be submitted to the journal?

We are accepting class projects and formal research done with professors at CU. The best types of projects to submit to this journal are ones that you might want to publish, but not in a "large" undergraduate research journal, such as one of SIAM's applied mathematics journals.

We will accept papers and projects that somehow apply mathematics to a real-world problem, regardless of the field they come from.

Can I publish my submission to this journal elsewhere?

Yes, but, broadly speaking, higher-level journals will expect relatively large differences between a paper submitted to us and a paper that they publish, since most journals don't want to publish something that can already be found somewhere else. For example:

  • Adding new data to your research could be enough to differentiate a paper submitted to CJAM to one submitted to a higher-level journal.
  • A summary of your results could be produced here, and then the full paper could be published somewhere else.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, contact us, or contact the other publication(s) that you are interested in submitting to.