We will accept submissions from undergraduates in all departments, but submitted papers should have a heavy emphasis on mathematics or its applications. In format, submitted papers should mirror the quality of peer-reviewed journal articles. The content of the paper need not contain original research, but in its absence, the submission should provide a new interpretation of an existing idea. Some topic examples include:

  • Preliminary results from a research project with a faculty member
  • Work from an independent study
  • Results from an REU or other undergraduate research opportunity
  • Course projects

Remember, the goal of this journal is to encourage and support undergraduate research, so submissions do not need to be novel, ground-breaking discoveries. However, they do need to include new ideas or new applications of old ideas.

Once submitted, the paper will be reviewed by a team of undergraduate students and faculty. We reply to the submitter with updates on the paper's status.

Please upload your files below, and submit any inquiries to appmurj@colorado.edu.


  • Please do not include any relevant code in your projects. Instead, provide a link to a GitHub repository or other publicly viewable resource within your paper.

  • If your paper or project is selected for the journal, you will be required to format it according to CJAM's .tex template, which is attached below.

Google form/submission link

CJAM's .tex template