What is Coin-orado? Coin-orado is the first annual, Colorado Bitcoin competition. Projects can range from platforms for charity to apps built off of an existing company’s API. Teams are to create a project and show how they will market and finance their product. You are free to use traditional technologies and simply and easily integrate bitcoin as a means of payment or donation if you do not want to work directly with the Blockchain Technology (bitcoin's technology).

Prizes:  1st prize will be $500

              2nd prize will be $300

              3rd prize will be $200

              First 40 students will receive $30 bitcoin and a swanky Coin-orado t-shirt for competing

Chain is giving THREE BITCOIN and Charley Hine (CU Alumni) from Chain is flying out from California to mentor!

Blockchain is giving THREE BITCOIN to sickest project built off their API and Kevin Houk will be skyping in as a mentor!

THREE BITCOIN in XBTeller prizes

XBTeller Prize:
Challenge 1 – Remittance wallet. UI/UX.
Prize: 1 XBT (bitcoin)

Design and build a wallet focused on the remittance market. The goal here is less about building a bitcoin wallet and much more about building a comfortable user experience powered by bitcoin in the background.

Challenge 2 – Dealer's Choice
Prize: 2 X 1 XBT (bitcoin)
-Trading bots
-Privacy enhancements
-Multisig wallets/UX (use-case specific, i.e. pick a use case and build for it)
-SMS based wallets
-Any project that makes use of triple entry bookkeeping for businesses/governments would be awesome
-Voting and elections
-Building an altcoin with a specific monetary policy or political economic rational

Sign Up

If you are signing up on the CUB campus, you may receive a warning messages when you sign up. OIT said this is normal. The page appears to be a "failed" screen but it is only a warning from CU for the form. Just click the link on the following page to continue on to signing up.


6:00-7:00- Opening Ceremony

7:00-7:00 (Sat)- Hacking

7:15- 8:15- Pitches

8:15-8:30- Closing Ceremony


Teams: Up to 5 members. Try to get some diversity, one or more Computer Scientist, Engineer, and Business student. Plan out a team or go buck wild and try to find one at the event.

Workshops/Networking Nights: Two Bitcoin Workshops will be held the two weeks prior to the competition. These will be a good place to find a team. Come learn how to buy/sell/trade bitcoin, choose wallets, wallet security, program within the space, set up cryptocurrency miners, and more. To learn more information, visit our "Workshop" tab.

When and Where is Coin-orado: Coin-orado will take place on Friday, November 14th. Opening ceremony will begin at 6:00 pm Hacking will begin at 7:00 pm and and ending at 7:00 pm on Saturday the 15th. The competition will be at Zayo Group Boulder.


Who runs Coin-orado: Coin-orado is completely student run and organized by leaders from the Bitcoin Club and InnovateCU.

Mentors: Mentors will be available during the hackathon for consultation and help incorporating software methods and tools.


Presentation and Judging: At 7:15 on Saturday night, presentations will begin and be limited to three minutes per team. This short time is to encourage quick presentations skills necessary in the real world. The top teams will be chosen and announced afterwards.

Stephen Macaskill

Phil Maher

Judge from Zayo

Compete: Sign up above. Then go to our Facebook Event Page and write a short blurb explaining a little bit about yourself, major, skills, and anything else you think might be important when finding a team. You and other competitors will then use these to meet teammates. You may come to the event with an idea of your project in mind. However, you and your team may not work on your idea before the competition although libraries such as bootstraps and API's are fair game.

Projects: Teams may come into the competition with an existing idea that they wish to create. If your team does not have a specific project in mind, ideas will be provided the day of the event. Some broad examples of what we are expecing to see in terms of projects are as follows; 


- Any traditional technologies that accept cryptocurrencies (very easy to incorporate),

- Any Blockchain based platform,

- Ideas built off of existing companies in the cryptocurrency industry,

- Charity platform that accepts cryptocurrencies,

- App in which cryptocurrencies are accepted for a good or service,

- Game that incorporates cryptocurrencies

- Stay tuned for more ideas!


Rarely do businesses work well in silos, so Coin-orado looks to create a collaborative atmosphere in which students can share ideas, learn from each other, and create the best product possible. This atmosphere will allow students to build projects without fear of failure.

Coin-orado is made possible by our proud sponsors

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"Bitcoin is better than Currency." - Bill Gates