About Us!

We are an elected group of students at the University of Colorado Boulder who seek to represent students in the College of Arts & Sciences. ASSG holds elections concurrent with CUSG (CU Student Government) in the Fall and Spring semester of every academic year. If you are interested in in becoming a board member or volunteering for ASSG, please contact us at assg@colorado.edu. The Spring election will run from April 7th at 8:00am until April 10th. Make sure to vote on your myCUinfo or at designated polling places!

ASSG holds weekly meetings that are open to the public on Tuesdays in the University Memorial Center (UMC). Our office is located in the UMC 121, please feel free to stop by with questions or to submit a funding request form. More information about submitting a funding request form can be found here

To request funding from ASSG, it is required that the student group has an active account with SOFO (Student Organication Funding Office) and that the student group consists of majority Arts & Sciences Students. The student group should submit a funding request, which can be found here, to SOFO and attain approval from a SOFO officer. If the requirement of A&S students is not met, you are welcome to submit a funding request to other funding boards such as Represntative Council, Student Group Funding Board, Council of Colleges, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Cultural Events Board, etc.