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Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW)

PAW is a group at CU Boulder that focuses on research, education, outreach, and action. Most of us are vegan or vegetarian, but that is not at all required to become a member. Any person who is concerned about animal welfare is invited to join.

Partnership for Animal Welfare

What we did last year :

· Fur protests/demonstrations "demos". On about ten Saturdays last year we went down to Denver to raise awareness of the horror that exists behind the fur industry.

· Vigil for Ringling circus animals. Ringling Bros. Circus did 19 shows in the ten days that they were in Colorado. We were there opening night to educate patrons of the hardships that these animals face and the untimely death that they often face. We carpooled down there several times.

· Walk for Farm Animals. We handed out literature and walked the 16th Street Mall in Denver carrying signs to raise awareness of the horrors that exist on factory farms. The walk was organized by the Farm Sanctuary.

· Pre-Thanksgiving vegan lunches. FREE? Totally.

· Fur Free Friday.

· Dining Out Day to support Rocky Mountain Animal Defense (RMAD) at Watercourse in Denver.

·  Carol Adams: The Sexual Politics of Meat 

Talk/slideshow presentation, followed by a vegan reception.

April '07

·  Volunteering with the Humane Society. April '07



Things to come:

·  Fur demos. We will continue to join RMAD on Saturdays to support these animals that continue to suffer and die unnecessarily.

·  Pre-Thanksgiving [FREE] Vegan Lunch. Thur., Nov 20th, 2008. CU Rec Center conference rooms. Noon - 2pm. Buffet style. FREE! TASTY! COMPASSIONATE!

·Fur Free Friday. Fri., Nov. 28th, 2008. 11am-2pm.

·Walk for Farm Animals (Farm Sanctuary) Sat. Sept. 27, '08 *4pm

· Conscientious consumer card. Local business discounts for people active with PAW.

· Sustainable Living Fair. Sun., Sept. 21, '08. Ft. Collins, CO.

· Trip to Watercourse in Denver. A social function with cool people and good veg*n food.

· Fundraising, tabling, volunteering, socials, demos, networking, outreach, service projects, film screenings, …


Contact info:

207 UCB, UMC 120, Boulder, CO 80309                                 cupaw at

Director: Chris Kirschbaum


PAW Flyer (pdf)               Current Event flier (pdf)            jpg (front) of Conscientious consumer card

Other resources:

Colorado Veggies            Rocky Mountain Animal Defense (RMAD)               PETA     


* The best ways to be active with the group and keep informed of what is going on is by using our Facebook group, coming to meetings & doing office hours (or stopping by and talking with someone that is in the office).

Check us out and get involved:

· Office is UMC 120* (room is shared with the Backcountry club)

· We are on Facebook: PAW (CU) *

· We’re also on Myspace (rarely used) :


· Meetings are weekly our office.* Fall '08: Weekly on Wed from 6:30-7:30pm.

· Join our e-mail list here.

· Send us an email,