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CUSEDS: CU Students for the Exploration & Development of Space

CU Boulder and the Flatirons

Mars One calling from CUSEDS Crater!

The University of Colorado at Boulder chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (CUSEDS) believes the future of humanity unequivocally lies in space. Our progression into this frontier will only be ensured if the next generation of explorers is impassioned, connected, educated, and otherwise given the tools that will allow them to become leaders in the space field.


CUSEDS is a CU student group / club devoted to the support and encouragement of students interested in the development and exploration of space. If you are a CU student interested in space, please consider


Boulder Colorado | One Mile Closer to Space

Upcoming Events & Projects:


Members informing prospective students about all the opportunities CU presents during Admitted Student Day, April 6, 2013


CU Boulder and the Flatirons

Kindergraden students draw 'space'
postcards, part of the CUSEDS
WeWantOurFuture Initiative



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Upcoming Events

1) General Meeting: We will be having our general meeting soon. Anyone and everyone is welcome, you don't need to be an engineer to come. Though I guess you should have an interest in space.


2) Planning Meeting: Join us for our informal planning meeting, Thursdays at 12:15 pm in the Bioastronautics Lab. Here you can meet the executive officers and express your ideas. Remember, this is a planning meeting, not a formal event, what is said during does not constitute group policy.


2) Study Break Happy Hour: Join us for an hour or so for a short break from studying at the wine bar Sip, located across the street from the Engineering Center. If you aren't 21, do not fear, they have food and drinks as well.

When: TBD

Where: Sip


Projects & Competitions: Spring 2014

1) University Microgravity [Project]

This project is an annual endeavor to come up with an experiment which can only be conducted in microgravity. What that means for all you space and adventure enthusiasts is if the idea you come up with and help write a proposal for is accepted, you will get the chance to fly on the infamous "Vomit Comet." We are currently looking for ideas on projects to do, any project idea is welcome (please see our projects page under microgravity for guidelines).








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