Spring Meetings Tuesdays 6:30pm  
180 degree shift at the 11th hour


180º11 (The 180 Degree Shift, at the 11th Hour)
Campaign for Human Rights and the Environment


To ensure respect for human rights, human freedom, and the safety of the environment by targeting the systemic causes of global corruption, injustice, and inaction. The institutions in place all around us are constantly implicated in human rights violations, environmental destruction, or other social, economic, or environmental injustices. The mentality of the corporations and establishments that remain in control is contributing to a cycle of exploitation and inequality that needs to be stopped. We focus on education, community-building, direct action, and cultural transformation. Because time is nearly up, as “the eleventh hour” approaches for many of Earth's life-giving systems and basic human protections, 180*11’s mission is to really challenge the vast cultural knowledge that is mass-produced and accepted, which only perpetuates these global injustices.











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