At Pathways in STEM, we want to make sure all users contribute to maintaining a safe, positive, and encouraging Environment. Read our Conduct Policy as well as our Tips to Maintaining a Positive Environment

Conduct Policy

All users of Pathways in STEM platforms agree to not promote any ideas, in speech or in writing, that is hateful, slanderous, discriminatory, or invites any kind of violence, intended on unintended, on our platforms or with other users. There will be no remarks against a protected class or any remarks that are deemed homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, classist, ableist (against those with disabilities), or ageist. We expand sexism to include attacks or derogatory remarks against any gender identity or expression. Pathways in STEM Platforms include but are not limited to this “Site,” the Pathways in STEM Discord Server, the oSTEM @ CU Boulder Presents: Pathways in STEM Facebook Page, and @ostem_boulder Instagram Page, Live Events, and Workshop Events. 

Users cannot use Pathways in STEM platforms for advertising or soliciting information without prior approval from the program organizers (oSTEM @ the University of Colorado, Boulder). 

There are many opportunities to reach other users during Pathways in STEM. Due to the COVID-19, we wanted to create a safe, encouraging space where high school students can connect. However, allowing online connections creates challenges in keeping our users safe from hateful remarks or unsolicited advances. Here are our policies for our platforms: 

Discord Server: The Discord Server will go live June 26th. All participants on the Discord server are incoming high school students or volunteers with oSTEM @ the University of Colorado, Boulder. There will be volunteers from oSTEM @ the University of Colorado, Boulder that will be admins and monitor channels and place bots. Admins have the right to delete content, ban or limit users, and place restrictions on channels. All Discord Users agree that, during the run of Pathways in STEM, they will not engage in any hateful remarks as defined above or in any unsolicited advances in private messaging. 

This conduct policy may be updated from time to time. Please check this webpage for the latest policy. 

Tips to Maintaining a Positive Environment

Sometimes, we can make remarks that can unintentionally hurt others. Here, we provide a quick guide that will help you maintain a positive Environment while participating in Pathways in STEM. 

Avoid Generalizations: 

Refrain from writing comments that link a particular group of people to a particular behavior or idea. An example of a seemingly benign comment would be: All physicists only love pink. That might make someone who wants to be a physicist but only likes purple uncomfortable. 

If you see that a remark might be taken the wrong way, use your better judgment and do not post it: 

Without the context of body cues or other conversational details, messages might be interpreted in different ways. Acknowledge that satirical comments and certain jokes are may not be appropriate in a public forum, even with markers like /s . 

No Interviews: 

Please do not "interview" other members of Pathways in STEM about thier experiences as a LGBTQ+ person. Exceptions are during Live Talks/Panels, where you can ask the person giving the talk or a panel member how being LGBTQ+ affected their careers. 

No Solicitations: 

Users will not use Pathways in STEM platforms to find doctors, solicit for roommates, or to search or advertise for services. Users will also not use Pathways in STEM as a dating site or to make any advances. 

It is okay to ask about terms: 

The LGBTQ+ community uses a lot of terms: some of which might not be familiar to our users. If someone is unclear on a term, please respond by kindly defining that term for them rather than rebuff. 

No Coronavirus Jokes or Coronavirus Denial: 

COVID-19 is a serious public health emergency. It is also causing economic upheaval that threatens housing and food security. There are members of our community who might be more susceptible to the virus or for whom the virus brings back unpleasant memories of previous illnesses. We will also not tolerate any messages or posts that go against the Center for Disease Control recommendations. 

Stay Tuned for More Tips and Updates! Remember, we want everyone here to Have Fun!