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Liza Brusman in the lab!
Liza Brusman
Biology and Stopping Heteronormative Paradigms in Biology Research
Pathways in STEM Audio Interview: Laurie Callaway
Laurie Callaway
Managing Finances and Applying to Colleges as an LGBTQ+ Student
Picture of Courtney in front of a river
Dr. Courtney Collins
Experiences as an LGBTQ+ person in STEM
Pathways in STEM audio interview Natalie Downey
Natalie Downey
Math and LGBTQ+ Experiences in STEM
Pathways in STEM Audio Interview: Sam Friese
Sam Freis
LGBTQ+ Representation in Genetics Research and LGBTQ+ Experiences in STEM
Picture of Julie in front of wind turbines
Julie Larson
Conserving Landscapes and Uplifting Underrepresented Groups
Picture of Sam Long
Sam Long
Introducing Gender Inclusive Biology Curriculums into a High School Classroom
Picture of Emily at her Computer
Emily Majluf
Maintaining All Facets of Identity when Pursuing an Education in STEM
Neesha infront of their poster
Dr. Neesha Regmi Schnepf
Geomagnitism Research and Advocacy for Feminism in STEM
Justin Wang in front of Poas Volcano in Costa Rica
Justin Wang
Astrobiology and BioAstronautics