About our Org: 

Pathways in STEM is brought to you by oSTEM @ the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder). oSTEM @ CU Boulder is the university's student led group for LGBTQ+ and allied students in STEM on campus. We are a chapter of oSTEM Inc. and housed in the BOLD Center in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. 


Arpiar (Arpi) Grigorian

Lead Organizer, Workshop Creator, Volunteer Contact 

Arpi is a senior at CU Boulder who is majoring in Physics and Math as well as minoring in Creative Writing and Art. He has been active in oSTEM @ CU Boulder since 2016, starting as Vice President during the 2016-17 AY year, President during the 2017-18 year, and an active student leader in oSTEM since 2018. 

Arpi worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for almost four years as a student researcher in the Quantum Sensors Group. There, he tested materials and superconducting devices used on submillimeter and x-ray telescopes that studied the Cosmic Microwave Background and high-energy astronomical objects, respectively. 

He is also an avid reader and writer of fiction, especially science fiction. He has won two Undergrduate Research Opportunity Program grants from CU Boulder to develop his upcoming science fiction project People Stuff.

Kade Eisen, CU Boulder Undergradute, Mechanical Engineering 

Sophia Ulmer, CU Boulder Undergradute, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Justin Wang, CU Boulder Undergradute, Astrophysics and Molecular, Cellular, Development Biology (MCDB) Major, Biochemistry Minor 

Justin is interested in the intersection between space and biology and how it affects the possible human exploration of Mars. In addition to his studies, he researches extremophiles at the Labratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). 

Dr. Robyn Sandekian, Manager of Diverse Faculty Recruitment, oSTEM @ the Univeristy of Colorado Boulder Staff Advisor 

Robyn is an alumna of the CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science and is working to increase the college's inclusion of faculty with non-dominant identities. She holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Aerospace Engineering Sciences plus an Education Specialist (EdS) in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and a PhD in Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership. 

Luca BonarrigoCU Boulder Undergradute, Aerospace Egineering Major

Stefanie Oke, CU Boulder Alumnus, Creative Writing and Psycology with a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Stephanie has written a full length sci-fi novel and is working towards being an editor of fiction. She has worked as an intern copywriting and copyediting for the local company Juniper Books and was recently admitted into the prestigious Denver Publishing Institute.

Luci Schement, CU Boulder Gradute Student,  2nd year Master of Science student in Aerospace Engineering

Emily Majluf, CU Boulder Undergrduate Student, Astrophysics Major with a Minor in Arabic and Certificate in Teaching ESL

Emily studies astrophysics at CU and works at Fiske Planetarium on CU Boulder's campus. She belives it is important to bring creative approaches and perspectives to science in order to make it more accessible.