CU Boulder is implementing a simplified on-campus student hourly pay plan effective August 13, 2017. This impacts both the job classifications and pay ranges.

Purpose of the Change

  1. To address Amendment 70 (the Colorado Minimum Wage amendment), increasing minimum wage over the next four years.
  2. To enable supervisors to provide wage increases without changing the classification and duties of the job.
  3. To simplify position management for payroll and human resource staff members on campus.
  4. To update an outdated pay plan. The current plan has not been updated in almost 20 years and had room to accommodate the changing student employment opportunities on campus.

What's Changing

New Job Classifications

Our job classification structure for on-campus hourly student employees has changed. Instead of 6 Student Assistant levels, the new structure has 4 broader levels with updated job descriptions and working titles to help you identify where your student employees belong.

NEW Classifications & Codes
Student Assistant I - Entry Level/Semi-Skilled 4101
Student Assistant II - Intermediate/Advanced 4102
Student Assistant III - Specialist/Lead 4103
Student Assistant IV - Paraprofessional 4104

This change means we will need to transition current student employees into the new structure by August 2018 (1 year from the launch of the new structure). Student employees in job code 4101 will remain in job code 4101 and no action is required by the department. Student employees currently in job codes 4102 through 4106 will need to be transitioned to new job codes by the department (or the HR Service Center on behalf of the department).

When updating student jobs, please choose the correct classification based on the job descriptions (not the job code or pay range).

Pay Ranges & Minimum Wage

Pay ranges within these classifications have been updated to address increasing minimum wage. To see pay ranges in association with the new job descriptions, view our Student Job Descriptions, Pay Ranges and Codes web page.

Minimum Wage Increase Schedule

The following rates are scheduled to take effect for Colorado employees receiving minimum wage.

Effective Date Minimum Wage
January 1, 2018 $10.20
January 1, 2019 $11.10
January 1, 2020 $12.00

We will update the pay ranges for each job classification closer to their implementation. For information on minimum wage rates, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

Implementation & Deadline

The new job classification system will be implemented on August 13, 2017. All positions hired after this date must use the new structure. Departments have until August 13, 2018 (1 year from the launch date) to update all existing positions into the new structure.