CU Boulder has several thousand student employees who perform countless services with enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative. The University community depends on their contributions for the efficient and effective operation of CU Boulder. Each year we recognize students who have demonstrated exemplary work, choosing one Student Employee of the Year. See 2017 Student Employee of the Year Nominees.

Congratulations to our Student Employee of the Year Jocelyne Becerra Garcia!
About Jocelyne

Year: Senior
Major: Psychology & Women’s Studies

Jocelyne helped over 1,000 middle and high school students by sharing her personal struggles and successes as a First Generation student and by using her bilingual skills to communicate with families.

Jocelyne was nominated by Maria Castro Barajas and Teresa Hernandez, from the Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP) and Women’s Resource Center (WRC) where Jocelyne has worked for four years. She’s a senior majoring in psychology and women’s studies. Jocelyne is a Peer Counselor with PCDP and an Outreach Coordinator with the Women’s Resource Center.

Jocelyne is focused, independent and inspires freshmen with her wisdom and advice as a student. She is kind, respectful, reliable, professional, and knowledgeable about campus processes/procedures, social justice, and gender equity tenets. We rely upon Jocelyne to serve as a spokesperson for the women’s resource center, which she does with grace. She is a methodical and quiet leader who is well-respected among her peers. Jocelyne was the lead peer counselor ensuring safety living in the dorms and a teaching assistant in the classroom.

Jocelyne shared her expertise as a First Generation college student with over 1,000 middle and high school students, helping them navigate the CU system, sharing her personal struggles and successes, and using her bilingual skills to communicate with families. Jocelyne also mentored many bridge students in their first year.

During Jocelyne’s time with the WRC, she led successful Kitchen Table events. She has a charismatic personality and many of her peers refer to her as an expert in the world of women and gender studies. Jocelyne is active in advocating for reproductive justice and has served as a board member of the McNeil Student Advisory.

Jocelyne is passionate about helping students succeed. With her determination and willingness to learn, she has helped our organization move to the next level. Jocelyne applies her passion both academically and in the interest of her fellow students.

Congratulations to our first runner-up Sarah Vander Meulen!
About Sarah

Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Engineering

Sarah is persistent, dedicated, trustworthy, positive, and exercises excellent judgment.

Sarah was nominated by Kathyrn Ramirez-Aguilar and Christina Greever for her outstanding work in the Environmental Center as a student assistant for the CU Green Labs Program.

Sarah is an Environmental Engineering major who leads the CU Green Labs effort to measure energy consumption of various types of laboratory equipment. Sarah is persistent, dedicated, trustworthy, positive, and exercises excellent judgment. Sarah proposed great ideas for improving processes to the CU Green Labs Program and for redesigning the departmental website.

Beyond the CU Green Labs Program, Sarah has made a local and national impact by presenting on “lab specific waste diversion” and “funding labs to be more energy efficient” at the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (i2sl) Education Day in 2015 and 2016 as well as presenting for national webinars.

The CU Green Labs Program would not have been able to achieve such an impact without Sarah on our team.

Congratulations to our second runner-up Lindsey Cookson!
About Lindsey

Year: Junior
Major: Economics and Political Science

Lindsey is reliable, embraces change and shows outstanding initiative.

Lindsey was nominated by Kelly Mason for her excellent work in the Office of Conference Services.

Lindsey is an Economics and Political Science major who handles day-to-day planning and implementation of the Bear Creek Summer Conference and Intern Housing Program. She is reliable, able to embrace change, and shows initiative. Lindsey exceeded expectations only a few weeks into the job, tackling the task of streamlining the check-in process for our intern program. She understood the importance of communication and suggested bi-weekly check-ins with core members of the team.

Her initiative, self-motivation and attention to detail allow Lindsey to exceed expectations and work with minimal supervision. Lindsey is a fantastic representative of the university, a role model for other student employees and an inspiration to the department. Her impact on Conference Services will shape our expectations for future student employees and set a benchmark for performance and professional development goals.