About the Award

Student Employment invited supervisors to nominate student employees who have demonstrated exemplary work within their departments. This year, there were 16 students nominated, and the submissions were reviewed by a committee. CU affiliates read all the nominations and rated the essays based on eight factors: Oral/Written Communication, Digital Technology, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Professionalism/Work Ethnic/ Global/Intercultural Fluency, Leadership, Teamwork/Collaboration, and Career Management.

2021-22 Student Employee Nominees

Here are the 2021-22 nominees, all of whom are winners in every category!

  • Alexis Perez
  • Andrea Arroyo Torres
  • Bella Berninzoni
  • Benjamin Altschuler
  • Benjamin Ly
  • Benjamin "Maxwell" Page
  • Brenda Blanco Soto
  • Danielle Veratudela
  • Dhuha Alquallaf
  • Jennifer Parra
  • Joe Ning
  • Jose Martinez
  • Keara Howley
  • Kelly Trang
  • Nikolas Provost
  • Sara Rosenau