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Biking to campus is a great way to get exercise and practice sustainability, even during the winter months. Whether you’re a student, faculty or staff member, you can celebrate Winter Bike to Work Day on Feb. 9 with the rest of the Boulder community by riding to campus. Stop by the Rec Center Plaza from 7-9 a.m. for hot beverages, snacks and swag. 

Here are tips on how to use campus resources and practice bike safety. 

bikes in the snowPlan your commute

  • Plan your route. Review the Boulder County bike map and check out the city of Boulder’s events for Winter Bike to Work Day
  • Colorado weather can change quickly, so check the weather and consider any safety issues before you head out on your bike. Also, wear layers and have a backup plan if the weather prevents you from biking home at the end of the day. Learn more about winter weather safety tips
  • The days are shorter this time of year. To be seen, wear reflective or brightly colored clothing. Secure loose pants and shoelaces so they don’t catch in your chain. Wear shoes with a good grip on your pedals. And always wear a helmet! 

Maintain your bike

  • Make sure your bike is commute-ready by visiting the TLC and Folsom bike stations for free maintenance assistance. Weather permitting, the stations are open Monday–Friday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You must register your bike before using the bike stations. 
  • Bike station mechanics offer safety checks and can help you put air in your tires, repair a flat tire, adjust your brakes and more. 
  • Before riding your bike, clear mud and snow, especially from the brakes, to ensure everything works properly. 
  • For questions or more information about bike station services, email

Stay up to date

Sign up for the monthly CU Bike News, a newsletter for CU bicyclists. You’ll receive updates on bike programs, events, road upgrades and construction, and tips.

Bike safety

  • The city of Boulder requires bikes to have lights on the front and back for night riding. Check out the Bike Light Safety Program for additional information and tips. 
  • As a cyclist, you have similar responsibilities to motorists on the road. Stay to the right on bike paths and bike lanes. Pass on the left carefully, announcing that you’re passing by saying “on your left” or using a bell. 
  • Always signal your turns. A left arm straight out signals a left turn, and a left arm bent up signals a right turn. A right arm straight out can also signal a right turn. 

Adjust for winter weather

  • Be mindful of snow in bike lanes and roads. Often, multi-use paths are cleared first, so consider traveling on the paths and limiting road use on snowy days. 
  • Watch out for ice on the roads and paths. Try not to brake on slick or bumpy surfaces. Stay focused and relaxed to maintain control of your bike. 
  • Check the CU Boulder alerts to watch for campus delays or closures. If there is extreme weather, consider taking the bus using your Buff OneCard.  

Protect your bike

  • Use a high-quality U-lock to keep your bike safe. If you don’t have a U-lock, pick up one for free when you trade in your cable lock at the UMC Bike Station during business hours.  
  • Register your bike with CU if you haven’t already—this may help police track it down if stolen. Plus, all bikes parked regularly on campus require bike registration. 
  • Register to use a secure bike shelter in the UMC or Administrative and Research Center on Marine Street. The shelters are available on a first-come, first-served basis and provide a secure area to protect bikes from weather and deter theft.