Studying on the floor

Major, Minor, Certificate?

Sept. 17, 2015

When choosing a major, how should you go about it? It seems like a really major decision that determines four years of your life and beyond. Honestly, from what I learned, you should choose something that you’re passionate about. Studying something that you don’t enjoy will definitely bring down your...

Harper and friend

Boulder’s Finest

Sept. 14, 2015

Some may call Boulder the outdoor recreational capital of Colorado. I would have to agree that it is, plus so much more. Though I’m sure you’ve already heard about the fantastic outdoor recreational activities that go on in Boulder, here are a few places and happenings I found especially wonderful:...

A pond near my freshman dorm

My Life in a RAP (Residential Academic Program)

Sept. 9, 2015

So, what’s it like to live in a dorm? In short: awesome. But that answer depends on the person you ask. If you ask me, I would say that it’s the most enjoyable part of being a freshman. But I think your overall dorm experience is greatly affected by (in...

Campus Picture 1

Boulder, Colorado: An Introduction

Sept. 4, 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to beautiful Boulder, Colorado! My name is Ben, and I’ll be one of your guides this semester. Coming from Philadelphia, moving from the East Coast to the 303 was quite the shell-shock (in the best way possible). The first thing I noticed as I...