Abby Kruse

How a Transfer Visit Helped Me Decide

By Abby Kruse CU Boulder can seem somewhat big, I know I was certainly overwhelmed at the thought of transferring to a school that was larger than my hometown of Glenwood Springs, but it also has a lot of little niches where you can find your people and your groove... Read more »
Acayla Profile Picture

A Home Away From Home

By Acayla Paulette I knew the moment that I saw Sewall, it was where I was supposed to live. My breath was completely taken away by the lions sitting guard, throats arched upward and a fine stream of water bellowing into the basin below. Behind the pair, a garden of... Read more »
Rachel Yen's Profile Picture

Making CU Boulder "Yours"

By Rachel Yen Emotions are overflowing as your parents say their last goodbyes. You’re suddenly alone in a place that is now your new “home” for the next four years. But just saying its “home,” doesn’t really make CU Boulder a home just yet. So how do you go from... Read more »
Hannah's Profile Picture


By Hannah Daniel Changing leaves literally floored me. On the day I left the Phoenix desert for Boulder it was 118 degrees. I frequently tell that story when people ask about where I’m from. Places get defined by just a few things - quick snippets and stereotypes people know about... Read more »
Joy Profile Picture

Fun Places on Campus to Meet with Friends

By Joy Barber One of my all-time favorite experiences of college has been meeting up with friends! Not only does CU Boulder have amazing academics, but the campus also has amazing places for students to meet up with friends and hang out. Some of the best memories I have experienced... Read more »
Joy's Profile Picture

Coffee Shops on Campus

By Joy Barber I have a major confession to make Future Buffs! Like many college students, I am obsessed with coffee. There is no better feeling than holding a steaming cup of espresso when I am waking up bright and early each morning or studying late for an exam. While... Read more »
Emma Falkenberry

Back to School 101: Start Strong

By Emma Falkenberry It’s that time of year again, Future Buffs! CU students are back in Boulder and ready to conquer the semester. College can appear stressful, especially for students juggling academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and social calendars. It is important to remember to maintain an appropriate balance during the... Read more »
Emma Profile Photograph

"Fall" in Love with Boulder

By Emma Falkenberry Good afternoon, Future Buffs! Classes are underway and campus is bustling with activity. Autumn is an exciting time in Boulder: the Buffs face-off against rivals at Folsom Field, the leaves begin to change and the weather remains beautiful and warm. CU students take full advantage of the... Read more »
Akshat celebrate the Holi festival with an American family  Akshat Kambli celebrating the Holi festival with an American family while studying at CU Boulder.

Unity in Diversity— Akshat Kambli's shared bond with an American family

Akshat Kambli is a graduate student in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU Boulder. He is originally from Mumbai, India and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Mumbai. Akshat Kambli celebrating the Holi festival with an American family while studying... Read more »

Out-of-State Students: Will I Fit In?

Good morning, Future Buffs! You are embarking on a stressful, overwhelming and exciting journey at this very moment. Choosing the right college for you can seem impossible; you have countless options and considerations as you beginning submitting applications and essays. As a student, I can relate to your emotions and... Read more »