An integrated approach to sharing the story of CU Boulder people, programs and outcomes

Our messaging platform, which emanates from the broad themes of our campus strategic plan vision, values and imperatives, consists of our position, positioning line and core messages.

Position Statement

Similar to a thesis statement—our aspiration for the one thing we want people to remember and believe when they think of CU Boulder . . .

The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the world’s most innovative communities of scholars and learners, who accelerate human potential to solve the humanitarian, social and technological challenges of the 21st century.


Positioning Line

Be Boulder. positioning line

Be Boulder. is the “rallying cry” of our university, the emotional heart of our messaging platform and our point of differentiation from other universities. We are the only university in the world that can Be Boulder. The core messages and brand voice attributes that follow are designed to help deepen the collective power and purpose of the line.


Core Messages

Our core messages are the supporting details for our position. Note: The three message themes below—Lead. Innovate. Impact.—are derived directly from our three campus strategic imperatives. They are designed to work in an additive fashion to demonstrate how our people (Lead.), programs (Innovate.) and outcomes (Impact.) accelerate positive potential to solve the challenges of our time.


We shape tomorrow’s leaders . . . (PEOPLE stories)

How our students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters achieve and/or empower successful outcomes on a human level.


. . . in a uniquely innovative university environment . . . (PROGRAM stories)

How our programs, initiatives and partnerships enable creative approaches to teaching, research, creativity and problem solving.


. . . to positively impact humanity. (OUTCOME stories)

How communities near and far and our broader society benefit from the contributions of CU Boulder people and programs.

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