Awareness Campaign
  • Create campaign to raise awareness about Staff Council across campus
  • Support/develop overall campaign at a committee level and create processes to enhance this campaign
  • Promote brown bag meetings in collaboration with committees
  • Help facilitate more face-to-face communication between Staff Council and campus staff
HR Onboarding and Staff Council Collaboration
  • Design brochure/tri-fold for new employees about Staff Council
  • Ensure Staff Council representatives assist at New Employee Orientation/Campus Welcome Days 
  • Create 90 second video for promotional | PR purposes
Professional Development
  • Collaborate with Career Service | Departments | Campus HR
  • Compile list of resources
    • Post to site | HR partnership | Constituent feedback to HR
Strategic Partnerships
  • Continue to work with groups across campus to strengthen connections
    • UCSC | BFA | Student Government | Campus Departments
University Perspectives    
  • Provide Council representation to speak at University Perspectives session
  • Become a University Perspectives presenter
Diversity Summit
  • Provide Staff Council representation
Third Shift Appreciation Events
  • Continue to develop events that allow third-shift employees to attend
  • May add a Veteran’s Day event
Staff Council General

Co-Sponsored Staff Council/Administration Town Halls | Political Roundtables

January Mid-Year Retreat

Council & Committee Goal Progress

Staff Council Mentoring Program

Departmental Presentations

Present Overview of Staff Council at Departmental Meetings