Dulce Aldama headshot
At-Large Appointed

Libraries and Museum Cultural Heritage Collections Exhibit Developer
CU Museum of Natural History

Dulce Aldama (PhD, University of Colorado Boulder) is the Library and Museum Cultural Heritage Collections Exhibit Developer at the University of Colorado Boulder. She has more than 20 years of experience working in university museums in the United States, where she has participated in the organization and development of a large number of exhibits and events. Her research focuses on the relationship between cultural heritage, travel literature, history of science, museums, and the narrative construction of the nation in Mexico, from the eighteenth century to the present. Her academic interests include representations in museums, community museums, curatorial studies, decolonizing theory, postcolonial theory, travel literature, thing theory, space theory, and technology and museums. Recently she led the project 3D Virtual Paleontology Hall Tour, an interactive virtual tour of the CU Museum of Natural History Paleontology Hall, featuring educational tours on video, high-resolution images of specimens, and bilingual (English – Spanish) information. Dulce is also an Instructor at the Museum and Field Studies Graduate Program.