Dan Steinke
Staff Council Co-Vice Chair • UCSC Representative
At-Large Appointed

Technology and Process Innovation Supervisor, Bursar's Office

Dan started in January 2020.  From the beginning he has felt welcomed here at CU Boulder.  The impacts of COVID inspired him to be more involved and is grateful to join Staff Council.  We are in a time of uncertainty and change.  Our amazing community has an opportunity to come out stronger and more agile.  We can also deliver on a level of equality and respect we all deserve but is falling short today.  To do that he enjoins you to share your experiences and ideas to support our students, staff, and university.

He finds that technology can be a wonderful tool when we keep the human interaction and needs forefront in its design.  Similarly, it is important that the university’s goals and methods of achieving them include the staff experience of the process.  As staff concerns are included and staff are respected as the whole people we are, our experience of working here and the benefits to the university will shine brightly.

Dan is new to Colorado and enjoys being here, living full time in an RV with his wife and 1-year old son.  He enjoys volleyball, qigong, the mountains, and personal and spiritual growth. 

Please contact Dan with any input you feel may be helpful in our journey together.