Note: This list is in progress and updated on a rolling basis as a comprehensive index is collected and collated.


Front-line service staff
Charged by Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO Kelly Fox, the initiative comes from "a need to continuously examine how our employees are supported and connected to our community." 

Innovation grants
This initiative fosters and rewards creative solutions from staff members around identified challenges, or opportunities that have not yet been addressed. Ideas should be rapidly deployable, small-scale experiments that could lead to later, full-scale implementation. 


Chancellor's Committee for Women
This committee serves as an informed advocate for all women on the campus whose goals are to monitor the status of women on campus, recommend policy to create significant change and work to assure justice and equity.

Chancellor's Accessibility Committee
This committee assists the administration and the ADA coordinator to ensure that people with disabilities are afforded access to programs, services and activities offered by CU Boulder.

Chancellor's Committee on Race and Ethnicity 
This committee is dedicated to enhancing the university's climate for diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. The committee assesses the campus environment and advises the chancellor. It is also a resource for all university departments and individuals seeking to improve CU Boulder's climate for diversity.

Chancellor's Standing Committee on Gender and Sexuality
This committee aims to represent the interests and concerns of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people within the university community.