About Living in Williams Village North

What’s unique about this hall?

Will Vill North is exemplary for features that highlight “sustainable living” where the focus is on building community in and within a focus of greening the campus.  The vision for the area is in active development, with a new state-of-the-art Village Center opening in January 2017.  The building itself is certified LEED Platinum and provides residents the following benefits:

  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Close to athletic fields
  • Buff Bus runs frequently back and forth to central campus; look for the Buff Bus Tracker app!
  • Study spaces with large windows on each floor
  • Double-set up community kitchen
  • Easy access to Boulder bike paths with tunnels underneath major thoroughfares
  • Wing-by-wing and total building energy monitoring systems
  • Unique water filtration system, also operates as "gray water" system with in-house treatment
  • Solar panels provide about 12% of energy
  • New conference room for meetings and gatherings


About the SSI Residential Academic Program

What are the criteria for joining?

Freshman who are interested in pursuing knowledge around issues of sustainability, and gaining skills through smaller classes and peer interaction, through the perspective of a wide variety of disciplines, are encouraged to choose our program in the LEED certified Williams Village North Residence Hall, a home and a learning, living “laboratory”.  Broad interest in these issues are all that you need; the idea is to involve you in ways that enable you to begin making more refined academic choices here at the University.

Can I participate for more than one year?

In partnership with the SbD (Sustainable by Design) RAP, also located here at Williams Village, we are developing more upper level courses that further the technical skills and communications skills of participants.  There are long-term projects and teaching/learning opportunities associated with the building and in Williams Village that will involve CU students throughout their studies.  More independent studies and internships will be developed over time.