University Perspective Program

Founded in 1987 (and originally referred to as the University Fellows program), the University Perspective Program has an alumni list of over 540 graduates. The goal of the University Perspectives program is to provide staff with a broader knowledge of the University of Colorado System and its interactions with the Board of Regents, the legislature, the community, and the State.

The program continues to ‘wow’ participants as they are given an opportunity to learn firsthand, through organized visits to each of the four campuses in the CU System, about the unique role and mission of each campus, as well as the CU System Office.  Participants also learn about the legislative process by visiting the Capitol, and gain insight into the CU Boulder relationship with the city of Boulder.

The University Perspectives program is a testament of the commitment to employee learning and leadership development on the part of CU Boulder and CU System executive leaders.  Participants come away from the program as stronger ambassadors of the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Colorado System.

Excellence in Leadership Program

The Excellence in Leadership Program (ELP), hosted by the CU System Employee Services Office provides an opportunity for faculty and staff from the four CU System campuses to become more effective leaders.Each of the four campuses nominate high-potential, high-performing faculty and staff to participate. The nomination process occurs each summer and the program begins in September. Self-nominations are not accepted.  Visit the Excellence in Leadership Program for more information, or contact the CU Boulder liaisons:

For information regarding faculty participation:

  • Dr. Suzanne Soled, Director of Faculty Relations, Office of Faculty Affairs, 49 UCB, 2055 Regent Drive, Suite 350, Boulder, CO 80309. 303-492-0447

For information regarding staff participation:

  • Dr. Merna Jacobsen, Director, Organization and Employee Development, Administrative Research Center (ARC)
  • 3100 Marine Street, Third Floor, 565 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309 303-735-1249
  • Merna.Jacobsen@Colorado.EDU