Commitment to Innovation and Access to Education

Today Chancellor DiStefano presented to the CU Board of Regents as part of the University of Colorado’s continuing affordability discussion. I am so proud of the work we have done as a campus, and as a team, to make it easier for our students to attain a highly valuable college degree, and with less debt. The chancellor had many positive things to talk about.

At CU Boulder we are providing more aid and serving more Colorado students than any other time in our history. Since 2013, we have consistently implemented affordability measures to contain the rising cost of tuition. More than 9,000 students are receiving one of our merit- or need-based institutional aid scholarships.

A more affordable education is one element in improving the college experience for our students. Whether it is investments in academics, infrastructure, or campus support services, we are on a path of continuous innovation and improvement.

Financial Futures

Through a university-wide diagnostic analysis, collaborative solution design and rigorous implementation, we will ensure that our resources are in optimal alignment to our public teaching and research mission and our strategic initiatives. 

The diagnostic phase of Financial Futures began in August 2018 with information requests and targeted interviews, and will provide the information needed to evaluate and prioritize opportunities for the solution design phase, which will engage broad campus input on project priorities.

Impact Scholars

The CU Boulder Impact Scholarship is awarded to a select group of Colorado resident students entering CU Boulder as first-time freshmen. This automatic-consideration merit scholarship is based on a holistic review of each admitted Colorado student’s academic performance in high school, as well as additional information provided in the student’s admission application. The Impact Scholarship is awarded based on both primary and secondary consideration factors (examples listed below), and no single element in a student’s application is a determining factor.

Strategic Facilities Visioning

Campus facilities play their own unique and vital role in supporting CU Boulder’s mission of education and research. More than 7,000 students live on campus. More than 30,000 attend class each day. Another 10,000 people work here. The successful journey of each is directly impacted by the spaces where they learn, research, work and live. At the same time, the ways in which our campus community learns and works are ever-changing.

To ensure facilities continue to enhance student success and support the campus mission while simultaneously improving the efficiency and resiliency of our infrastructure well into the future, we’re embarking on a Strategic Facilities Visioning initiative that will help us meet the pressing needs of today while aligning with the vision for tomorrow.