Dr. Nicole Jobin
Senior Instructor

Sewall 267

Absolutely everything has a history. That simple fact is one of the main reasons I choose to study, and teach, this subject. Being a historian allows me to connect my love of languages, music, economics, archaeology, technology, and more by focusing on big questions about how we got to our present from our past. Holding a Roman coin, studying a medieval manuscript, looking at pamphlets and political cartoons from the French Revolution, or reading the letters from a World War I era soldier all fill me with the wonder of touching the past and exploring the threads that connect our stories to the societies in which these items were created. 

I have a passion for sharing this wonder with my students and for making the past accessible. I believe that each student brings a unique perspective, and a unique voice, to the table. We are all inspired to ask our own questions of the past. Through the texts we read, the artifacts we explore, the films we watch, and the conversations we have I look forward to uncovering the past together.

My academic areas of interest include medieval and early-modern Italy/Europe, Ancient Rome, economic and environmental history, first-year university education, digital literacy, Open Educational Resources, and digital humanities. 

In my life beyond the University, I love walking and playing with my dog, cooking, gardening, reading and making and listening to music.

Recently, I was honored to receive a CU Open Educator award for, "... tremendous and exemplary efforts to improve CU Boulder students’ learning experiences through open educational practices." You can see more about this (and learn about some of my teaching practices) through this link: https://www.colorado.edu/libraries/2021/03/04/cu-boulder-2021-open-educa...  

You can see more about my current projects through this link: https://me.nvjobin.buffscreate.net/