Dr. Nicole Jobin
Senior Instructor

Sewall 267

Absolutely everything has a history. When I decided to become a historian, that is the fact that persuaded me to choose history over foreign languages, music, economics, and all the other fascinating subjects that beckoned. In the study of history, I could touch them all while delving into the puzzle that is the past. Though I am a Colorado native, I have been fortunate to travel extensively. Studying history is a wonderful way to explore the world. I chose my primary area of specialization, Medieval and Early Modern Italy, after having been inspired by visiting churches, museums, and archaeological remains scattered throughout Italy and southern France. From Ancient Rome to the Renaissance, the history of Italy is a vibrant tableau of people, traditions, culture, and landscape that inspires my research into the monastic and civic history of Genoa and my teaching of subjects such as the History of Ancient Rome, Medieval Societies or Women's History. In my life beyond the University, I follow my heart as a musician by singing in Safonia, a women's chamber ensemble, and as a gardener and cook by growing organic food. What's the point of studying Italy if you don't learn about Italian cooking.

I'm excited to say that I was recently named a CU Open Educator awardee, "...for their tremendous and exemplary efforts to improve CU Boulder students’ learning experiences through open educational practices." You can see more about this (and learn about some of my teaching practices) through this link: https://www.colorado.edu/libraries/2021/03/04/cu-boulder-2021-open-educator-award-winners-announced