Michael Shernick

Stories and Societies Program Coordinator

Contact Michael for questions about Stories and Societies RAP, including registration for RAP classes, changing your class schedule, visits, etc. He can also help you navigate the University, connecting you to resources and people. Drop by his office in Sewall 292 or email him. 


Eric Stade, Ph.D.

Stories and Societies Program Director

Contact Dr. Stade for any concerns regarding faculty or other academic issues, especially if involving a class in Stories and Societies RAP.

RAP Faculty: Dr. Stade is the Executive Director of the Arts and Sciences RAPs and the chair of the RAP Council. Contact him for any issues with the administration of the RAPs. For RAP administration tips, go to the RAPs metaBookmark.


Michael Zerella, Ph.D.

Stories and Societies Program Associate Director

Contact Dr. Zerella for questions about the RAP in general. Dr. Zerella helps organize many of the co-curricular events for the RAP.


Questions about mail, packages, recycling, laundry, and other necessities of life in Sewall?
Contact the Sewall Hall front desk and the Community Assistants can help you with all the details. Or click here to see Housing's website of services and amenities.

Questions about room assignments, room configuration, roommate information, or move-in information?
Contact University Housing at 303-492-6673 (press 1) about these issues. They can also be reached at universityhousing@colorado.edu

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