Not sure what collegiate cycling is all about?
Check out our New Rider Handbook and USA Cycling's Collegiate Page for more information.

Join the team to race any of the competitive disciplines during the year: Track, MTB, Cyclocross, Road. This group is primarily concerned with competition and performance. You don't have to be super-serious to compete though. Racing and training is fun and only as serious as you want it to be!

Members enjoy discounted pricing on Panache CU Cycling clothing and discounts from CU Cycling sponsors around Boulder (bike shops, gear, food & drink). 

Step 1. Join Google Group

This group includes people from the larger CU Cycling community. It includes current members, alumni, and others. Postings will be of general interest to this community. Potential members are encouraged to join this group as we will make posts here with information related to meetings, racing and training, and other team activities of interest to the public.

Once you are a member, you will be added to our team management system. Team specific communiques will occur there (not in this group).

Click here to join:


Step 2. Club Sports Waiver Form

If you plan to join the club OR would like to attend any of our "open" training rides please complete the Club Sports Waiver. You must be a regsitered student in order to complete this waiver.

Note: this is required before you may practice or compete with the team. Do this before paying your team dues.

Complete Form Now


Step 3. Pay CU Cycling Team Dues

Dues for the Race Team are $300/year.

To pay dues:

  1. Go to the Rec Center Registration page
  2. Select "Sport Clubs"
  3. Select "SC: Cycling Fall Dues $300"
  4. Log in with IdentiKey
  5. Complete registration/payment