Students who declared the Spanish and Portuguese Languages & Cultures track before fall 2017 can choose between the old requirements and the new requirements. Students who declare a Spanish and Portuguese Languages & Cultures track beginning fall 2017 or after must use the new requirements.

This track focuses on the literature and culture of Spanish-speaking and Lusophone countries.

The program guides students through readings on the history of Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Latin America. Along with major authors and literary movements of the Spanish & Portuguese-speaking world, students read a variety of complex texts across academic disciplines.

The linguistic and cultural mastery of Spanish and Portuguese is key in opening endless possibilities to the European Union - Portugal and Spain - as well as Brazil and the whole of Latin America. Through this bilingual combination, students will gain the tools needed to conduct business in the Western Hemisphere in today’s competitive global market.

Our Portuguese minor is another option for students interested in the Literatures and Cultures of the Hispanic and Lusophone world.