The Modern Latin American area comprises a number of very active and productive faculty members that collectively engages in all geographical areas, time periods, genres and major issues pertaining to the literatures and cultures of the region. It ranges from the Independence era to the present, from the Caribbean and Mexico to the Southern Cone and Brazil, from Novel to Travel narratives and film, from women’s journalism to Modernist poetry.

Faculty members are committed to an ongoing collective effort to creatively explore and critically examine both the specificity of national traditions and the commonalities shared by Latin American literatures.

We offer five graduate seminars per academic year in Nineteenth-Century, Modern, and Contemporary Latin American Literature. What we teach is not only in synergy with our scholarly endeavors--it is also what gives meaning and sustenance to the conversations between faculty and graduate students alike who make up the community of Latin Americanists in our department.

PhotoNameContact Information
Juan Pablo Dabove Juan Pablo Dabove
Spanish and Portuguese
Peter Elmore Photo Peter Elmore
Spanish and Portuguese
Leila pic Leila Gómez
Associate Professor • Director, Latin American Studies Center
Spanish and Portuguese
Susan picture Susan Hallstead
Senior Instructor • Spanish 2000 Levels Coordinator • Director Study Abroad Global Seminar in Rosario, Argentina
Spanish and Portuguese
Mary Long Picture Mary K. Long
Senior Instructor • Spanish for the Professions Director • Spanish 3000 Levels Coordinator
Spanish and Portuguese