Faculty coordinators for Spanish 1010-3002 courses are responsible for the content in each course. They create the syllabi that is followed by each instructor, supervise and support the TAs/GPTIs/Lecturers who teach each section of the classes they coordinate. Individual instructors at this level do not have the authority to sign official university documents nor allow their course to be over-enrolled.

PhotoNameContact Information
Anne Becher Photo Anne Becher
Senior Instructor • Spanish 1000 Levels Coordinator • Secondary Spanish Teaching Certificate Advisor
Spanish and Portuguese
Susan picture Susan Hallstead
Senior Instructor • Spanish 2000 Levels Coordinator • Director Study Abroad Global Seminar in Rosario, Argentina
Spanish and Portuguese
Mary Long Picture Mary K. Long
Senior Instructor • Spanish for the Professions Director • Spanish 3000 Levels Coordinator
Spanish and Portuguese
Karen Malcolm Photo Karen Malcolm
Instructor • Service Learning Coordinator • 2000 Level Coordinator (Fall 19)
Spanish and Portuguese