Jennifer Tostlebe

KTCH 381G, IBS C 350D


Year Entered



Jenn Tostlebe is a doctoral student and graduate assistant in the Sociology department at CU Boulder and the Institute of Behavioral Sciences Problem Behavior program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Criminology and Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Sociology from Iowa State University. Her research interests include incarceration; prisoner reentry; gangs and criminal networks; and quantitative methodology. 

Currently working as a research assistant, Jenn examines: (1) the impact of solitary confinement (and a step-down program) on prisoners and prisons in Oregon funded by the Charles Koch Foundation and (2) the sources of mortality risk among justice involved populations funded by NIH (The National Institute of Child Health & Human Development). Previously, Jenn worked as a graduate research assistant on an NIJ funded project examining gangs and prisoner reentry in Texas.