Willard Moers picture
Instructor, ASL

Office: SLHS C233

Instructor Moers teaches all levels of American Sign Language (ASL) and has also taught an anthropological course entitled Ethnography of the (American) Deaf Community. A native ASL signer by birth, he comes from four generations of culturally Deaf families. A globetrotter, fly fisherman and skier by interest, he has also participated in many summer Deaf Olympics in the hammerthrow and discus events, an experience which is not only competitive but also culturally rich. He graduated from Gallaudet University, which is the only liberal arts college in the world for deaf students. He brings a rich cultural perspective to his teaching, where students not only learn ASL, but about the complex and historic deaf culture. His favorite quote is by George Veditz, one of the early presidents of National Association of the Deaf, “As long as we have deaf people, we will always have sign language.”

Curriculum Vita