M.A.-SLP students must complete all undergraduate course prerequisites. To determine if a class will fulfill the requirement, compare the syllabi of the courses taken at the student’s home institution to the content descriptions listed in the prerequisite document (linked above). All of the required content should be covered.

Students with an undergraduate degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences (SLHS) have most likely completed the equivalent of the required undergraduate courses.

Generally, it requires three years of study for students without an undergraduate major in SLHS to complete the prerequisites and MA-SLP requirements. If students do not have an undergraduate major in SLHS, there are a number of ways to fulfill the requirements:

  • Students can apply for the 3-year M.A.-SLP program using the M.A.-SLP application. In this plan of study, you will devote the first year of the graduate program to completion of the undergraduate prerequisites, plus a few graduate courses. Students will work with the M.A. advisor to determine which classes they are eligible to take.
  • Students can apply for the online SLPP program offered here at CU Boulder.
  • Students may take the courses at another institution prior to being admitted to the M.A.-SLP program.