Student clinician meeting with an adult to provide voice treatment

At CU, we offer both individual and group services depending on what your needs are.  We support many, many different kinds of individuals.  There are the three types of clients that we see the most.

People who have been injured.

Many times after people have a stroke or hemorrhage, brain injury or concussion, their communication changes.  After an injury, we provide strategies for people to get their thoughts out more easily. This can mean improvements coming up with words or making speech sounds clearer.  We might work on making your speech production more fluid and natural.  Often, people also notice changes in their memory, concentration, or organization.  We help with those, too. 

People whose bodies have changed over time. 

Sometimes people find that communication has become more difficult as the body ages.  This can be common with Parkinson disease, ALS, dementia, primary progressive aphasia or multiple sclerosis.  Therapies for these often work on having a louder voice, clearer speech, or memory supports.   Many times people notice changes in talking, listening, and thinking - and speech pathologists can help each. 

People who just want to talk differently.

There are many reasons that people may want to change the way they talk– not just because of injury or aging.  At CU, we help non-native people who want their English to sound more like American English.  We work with people who stutter to speak more fluently. CU supports individuals seeking transgender voice and mannerism training, for both male-to-female and female-to-male transitions.  We also help with people like teachers and singers who use their voices in a special way to avoid overuse/abuse.  Your individualized needs will be our target.

At CU, our clinical experts combine the science of therapy with your unique needs.   We have individual and group therapies staffed by graduate clinicians and University-level speech pathologists to help see you through to your communication goals.  There are even experts in using technology to help you communicate more easily.

Here is a flier with more information about some of the programs we offer. Otherwise, please call or email to see if CU is the right fit for you.