Information for Summer 2022 Programs

During the summer months, we continue to provide therapy and summer camp programs for individuals interested in either more intensive therapy or a camp-like setting. For registration and/or more information, please contact us at or 303-492-3066.

Summer 2022 Camps

Play Partners 

Camp for 18 month - 3 year old toddlers and their caregiver.  Play Partners is a small group setting for caregivers and your child to learn strategies to foster communication, play and social skills.  You will have the ability to connect with other caregivers during play with your child, while also learning new approaches to support your child's communication and social-emotional development.  Speech language pathology clinicians will coach caregivers by modeling and teaching the strategy throught the session during different activities.  Snacks included, bring water.   

  • When: Session 1: June 21st - July 1st, 9:30 -11:30 am, Tuesday - Friday; Session 2: July 12th - July 22nd, 9:30-11:30 am, Tuesday - Friday
  • Where: Child Learning Center at the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences building at CU Boulder; 2501 Kittredge Loop Rd., Boulder, CO 80309 (Just past Fiske Planetarium on the same side of the road.)
  • Cost:  $650 - Financial assistance through Scottish Rite Foundation based on individual need
  • For registration and/or more information call 303-492-3066 or email

Social Warriors

Camp for 8-12 year old kids challened in the areas of social communication.  We will learn and practice social communication skills in a safe environment and develop skills to help navigate school, home, and social environments. 

  • When:  July 11th -21st, 9 am - 12 pm, Monday-Thursday
  • Where:  CU Boulder Campus, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, 2501 Kittredge Loop Rd., Boulder, CO 80309
  • Cost: $600 and healthy snacks provided; Financial Assistance available through Scottish Rite Foundation based on individual need

Colorado Speaks (a fun support group for teens who stutter)

Camp for teens (6th -12th grade) who stutter, we provide a supportive, stutter-friendly community. You are free to speak your mind, talk, laugh, recieve support and practice skills to better manage stuttering. We will build communication skills and engage in activities that help build confidence.  Learn to communicate more effectively.

  • When: June 4th - 9th, Sunday-Thursday, 9:00 am - 4 pm
  • Where: CU Boulder campus, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Building, 2501 Kittredge Loop Rd., Boulder, CO 80309 and Wolf Law School
  • Cost: $650 and lunch is included
  • For registration and/or more information call 303-492-3066 or email

Summer 2022 Services at SLHC

Speech Language Evaluations for 5 - 12 year olds

Children with language problems may act out or have trouble making friends. A Speech Language Evaluation can diagnose problems with speech sounds and/or language use.  For children who have problems saying some sounds or articulating, have problems understanding and using new words, or have difficulties being understood by others.

Language Learning Disability Evaluations

Evaluation of language, learning, and literacy, school-aged children through adults. Early language problems can often lead to learning disabilities, such as problems with reading and/or writing.  These children may have difficulty remembering details from a story or class, have trouble learning new words and following directions, or could struggle saying what they think.  

Fluency (Stuttering) Evaluations

Evaluation of concerns about stuttering in multiple or isolated contexts, all ages.  It is normal before age 7 for a child's speech to not sound fluid, however, if your child or as an adult, you repeat parts of words or prolong/hold a sound too long, this could indicate a risk for stuttering.   

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Evaluations (AAC)

Evaluation for use of non-oral, technology-based communication devices, all ages.

All sessions will be held at CU Boulder's Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Building. For registration and/or more information call 303-492-5375 or email

Reading Detectives

Therapy for school-aged children who are struggling with learning to read, write, and spell.

Write On!

Therapy for children 3rd grade through middle school who struggle with written language composition, handwriting, spelling, and product development consistent with Colorado State Standards.


Assessment and intervention for adults who have sustained a concussion who are experiencing attention, memory, and/or thinking challenges as a result.

Individual Sessions Available For:

  • Aphasia, Monday-Thursday

  • Speech/Language, Monday-Friday

  • Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC)